Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Release Date

The third instalment in the Modern Warfare series has been given a release date. Whoever guessed a November release should be given pat on the back. We all knew it would have been in November either way. Keep this date free people - 8th November 2011. We'll have more information for you gamers soon. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Iron Front – Liberation 1944 – tactical FPS for PC announced


Due out in this winter, Iron Front - Liberation 1944 is a World War 2 shooter based around the events of the Soviet Offensive, which saw the Russian Red Army and German Wehrmacht battle over territory in Southern Poland. It's a PC only title which will let you play as a Russian or German infantryman, but it also features vehicles including the German Panerkampfwagen VI and … [Read more...]

FRAGMASTERS TOXIC win i42 Counterstrike Source tournament

The FRAGMASTERS TOXIC team has defended their position as the UK's number 1 Counterstrike Source team by repeating their victory at i41 with another win this year. The team made it to the final without scoring a single defeat, and were able to make a comeback after going behind in the first four rounds against rivals Epsilon. FRAGMASTERS TOXIC are sponsored by online … [Read more...]

Duke Nukem Forever to be available OnLive

This title will be one of this year's big hitters. Or it should be. It will be won't it? To increase consumer awareness and provide additional means to acquire the title, OnLive, the gaming service that delivers high-end video games from the cloud to your PC, Mac, TV and tablet devices without the need to download and install, has teamed up with 2K Games and Gearbox Software … [Read more...]

CoD: Blacks Ops First Strike – 1.4 million downloads in first 24 hours

The First Strike DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in February, and given the sales of Black Ops, it's probably not surprising it proved incredibly popular, setting a new level for downloadable content for the Call of Duty series. Figures were revealed as part of Activision Blizzard's financial results for the first quarter of 2011, and not only did 1.4 … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Modern Warfare 3 announcement soon

This was inevitable. There was always going to be a third instalment after Modern Warfare 2's release and major success. Modern Warfare 3 was always on the cards. Most of the talk however, must be on who's behind development of this title. Why? Well, Infinity Ward aren't what they use to be. Okay okay, Treyarch have done a good job with Black Ops, but those multiplayer maps … [Read more...]

Metro sequel on the way

With THQ's recent earnings conference call in which they announced Homefront profits and DLC schedule, news also broke on Metro 2033s followup name. The sequel, which was confirmed last year and was adequately titled Metro 2034 at the time, has now officially been labelled as Metro: Last Light. The title was shown off with Metro 2033 being demoed in 3D, so it can be assumed … [Read more...]

Homefront makes profit

Homefront was a special FPS from THQ, just as Metro 2033 before it, yet this was different. The mixed reviews and share price drop has made no difference for the games' first day selling performance, chart topping ability and sell count of over a million copies in less than 3 weeks. Advertising can do wonders can't it?! Although it received many mixed reviews, with gamers … [Read more...]