Dust 514 revealed as a Playstation 3 exclusive

It’s been revealed at E3 that the innovative Dust 514 first-person shooter which ties-in and interacts with existing MMO Eve Online, will be exclusive to the Sony Playstation 3.

There wasn’t much given in the way of more details, but we do know that the sci-fi shooter which allows players to work as planetary mercenaries for the Eve Online community, will support the Move motion control system and include some type of functionality for the Sony Vita handheld.

We’ll find out more when the closed beta arrives for PS3 at the end of 2011, followed by the full release in the Spring of 2012. It’s being developed by CCP, the creators of Eve Online, and utilises Unreal Engine. Apparently it will include micro-transactions in some way, although the exact details haven’t been released.

As fans of all the console platforms it’s sad news for those who prefer the Xbox 360 – the cross-platform opportunity between PC and Xbox 360 would be have been interesting with Microsoft’s support. And presumably the agreement was reached long before Sony became such a popular (and successful) target for hackers, given that noone wants to see their MMO hit by hackers.


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