Battlefield 3: 2 discs for Xbox 360

DICE’s next first person shooter and epic title in the waiting, Battlefield 3, is to span across two discs. Oh, not for you Playstation owners. It’s for those that are to purchase the game on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. This, as we already know, is due to the limited storage capabilities of the digital versatile discs in comparison to Sony’s Blu-ray optical discs. And it won’t be the first time that we see multiple discs for a game. EA’s Mass Effect 2 was on two discs.

If the title were to ship on one disc, knowing well that there was a hefty patch to download over the internet, what would you rather have?! Uninterrupted gaming, or the odd few seconds break to change discs?

Having a think back to when Forza 3 was launched, the special edition had additional content on another disc. The additional content was in the form of cars and more tracks (if I remember correctly). With the larger capacity Xbox 360’s flying off the shelves, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few minutes extra waiting time as the second disc installs its content to the hard drive right?

What do you guys think to multiple disc spanning games? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Bill H. says

    The PS3 has the advantage of using Blu-Ray discs(more storage & resistant to scratches) and free network play. Why would anyone still get an xbox360 unless you have no wits about you.

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