Crysis 3 Officially Announced

During this busy gaming news and rumour week, Crytek’s popular Crysis shooter has hit the third and was officially announced. Returning back to the streets of New York City around an expected release period of Spring 2013.

Early snippets of info provides us with an insight into weaponry, with the lead character fashioning a new bow in what appears to be the primary weapon against dangerous forest resistance in New Yorks’ new jungle environment. Crytek have promised to split up the desolate state of NYC into seven distinct environments, mixing both the best jungle aspects of Crysis and urban city streets from last years second instalment.

EA expects the title to hit the high streets in Spring 2013 as mentioned above, with special pre-order bonuses for those eager to get in on the act as early as today.

You can read all announcements in the official press release.

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