eSports arena shooter Rekoil launches

Rekoil is an interesting multiplayer arena FPS game, and it’s now available via Steam for £11.99 with other versions due in the future.

The basics of Rekoil are a 16-24 player game with 7 modes, 10 maps and 40 different weapons based around pure infantry combat. But making it more interesting is the fact it was developed by a game modder, and it features full mod tools for new and experienced modders to play with. That includes map making, with a competition running for aspiring level designers until March 7, 2014. The top prize is an Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop system.

Rekoil has also been built with eSports in mind – including a full spectator mode for broadcasting and commentary, direct Twitch TV integration, LAN support for tournaments, and a replay function to review matches when they’ve finished. Sounds like it’ll be great for anyone looking to build a Twitch or Youtube following.


It’s developed by Plastic Piranha, and published by 505 Games, who also publish the Sniper Elite series. We’re planning to try it out soon, but in the meantime, it’s rated PEGI 16, it’s on Steam, and it’s £11.99.

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