DICE promise to fix Battlefield 3 beta bugs

Developer DICE has promised to fix a series of bugs and exploits on the Battlefield 3 beta allowing console players to host 128 player games. DICE have warned anybody hacking the Battlefield servers or taking part in 128 player matches could be banned from playing future EA games online. The console version of Battlefield 3 can only officially host a maximum of 32 players … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Demo – First Impressions

Battlefield 3

As reported yesterday, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta went live but many people, including our own Kalps, spent the evening trying to get unsuccessfully into a game. Well, tonight was my turn to try, and having spent much of the past 18 months or so watching my stats disappear and reappear each time I played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I was probably slightly more prepared … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Available Now!!

DICE and EA have made available Battlefield 3's multiplayer beta to all those who have been gobsmacked with amazement by one of this years most beautiful and must have title. Today, the beta was released on both Xbox 360's Live Marketplace and Playstation 3's Network. For those who have beastly PCs and opted for that version, Origin is the place to be. Those of you who live … [Read more...]

PS3 to get Battlefield 3 DLC early

PS3 owners will be delighted to hear their console will have timed exclusivity for future Battlefield 3 DLC. DICE have confirmed that all downloadable content will be released for the PlayStation 3 one week early. DICE Jr. Product Manager Tommy Rydling said: "Beginning with our first expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand, all upcoming expansion packs for the game … [Read more...]

Battlefield 3: 2 discs for Xbox 360

DICE's next first person shooter and epic title in the waiting, Battlefield 3, is to span across two discs. Oh, not for you Playstation owners. It's for those that are to purchase the game on Microsoft's Xbox 360. This, as we already know, is due to the limited storage capabilities of the digital versatile discs in comparison to Sony's Blu-ray optical discs. And it won't be the … [Read more...]