Black Ops: Escalation map pack revealed

Leaks are fun aren't they?! Especially when it's regarding a big hitting game like this one. Well, it seems there may be some truth behind this leak which comes straight from an Australian retailer, nicely named GAME. With a slip of the tongue, a certain release date for the second map pack may have been mentioned along with it's content. It's not been long since Call of … [Read more...]

Black Ops: First Strike dated for PC

Today, Call of Duty Black Ops developers Treyarch, dated and priced the First Strike downloadable content for the PC iteration of the game. On Friday, March 25th, the already released Xbox Live and PlayStation Network download will be available for PC gamers who want to extend their current multiplayer experience online. Four maps for your team deathmatch and capture the … [Read more...]

Baftas: Black Ops and Bad Company 2 win awards


On Wednesday 16th March, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (or Baftas for short) held their annual video games awards in London. Activision's Call of Duty Black Ops was one of two of the most nominated games, with the second being that of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Black Ops was nominated for half the available categories, but only managed to win GAME … [Read more...]

Black Ops: All time best seller


There is no denying that this was going to happen sooner or later with one of the Call of Duty titles. Black Ops however, has stolen the crown. Although actual February sales figures are unknown, Black Ops became the best selling game of all time in U.S. history, having sold 13.7 millions copies since the game was released on November 9 last year. The title had spent it's … [Read more...]

Black Ops: First Strike now on PSN

You've not had to wait that long you PlayStation people, so you should now be fully complete with the release of 5 new maps. Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Stadium are the new, and fairly large multiplayer maps, with Ascension the also massive new zombies map. With Black Ops being the PS3's best selling title ever, this download should be picked up by all those … [Read more...]

Black Ops Demo available on Xbox 360 and PS3

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been available since 9th November. It's sold and made millions. But that is not enough for Treyarch nor Activision. Only today has Treyarch released a demo to further promote this mammoth of a game, on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. It's only a single-player campaign mission, but one of the finest. You start off in the cockpit of a … [Read more...]

Black Ops: First Strike playlist, problems and ‘angry, entitled gamers’

With the release of the First Strike DLC map pack for the Xbox 360 edition of Call of Duty, the team at Treyarch have been doing the rounds to update everyone on what is happening behind the biggest-selling game around (in addition to sharing some stats). And three main topics have appeared: First Strike, More Problems: As you'd imagine, introducing DLC content to the … [Read more...]

Treyarch release Black Ops infographic: 1.1 trillion shots fired…


Call of Duty: Black Ops developers Treyarch have latched onto the current popularity of infographics by sharing various impressive stats in the image embedded below, including the fact that 1.1 trillion shots have been fired since Black Ops was released in November, 2010. The number of online kills is currently nine times the total population of earth, and the game has led … [Read more...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops – 600 million hours played

In just 45 days since the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, gamers managed to log more than 600 millions hours, or the equivalent of more than 68,000 years! In a press release by publishers Activision, that figure is equated to exceeding the average viewership for the 2010 Major League World Baseball series, the audience for the series finale of Lost, and would make Call of … [Read more...]