Crysis 2 keeps top spot

Crysis 2 continues to impress here in the UK. And I have yet to get my hands on a copy for both the 360 and PC. That will surely keep the title on the top spot for another week... Won't it?! Many PC gamers have voiced their concerns though, stating that the PC version is built better than the first, but ultimately the second instalment of this monstrous game seems too … [Read more...]

Homefront: 1 million and counting

Mixed reviews or not, gamers have voiced their opinion via their wallets. THQ must be happier now with this piece of news. Homefront hadn't even been released when reviews started to appear online with less then expected average scores. This resulted in a 25 percent drop in share price which must have worried shareholders. However, all should not feel too despondent at … [Read more...]